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Falling in Love with Road Cycling (Part I)

March 18, 2017

This is a little series about how I came to love road cycling. I thought I’d separate it into parts, just so I wouldn’t have to cram two years worth of cycling experiences and pictures in a single post.

I somehow feel the need to clarify that this isn’t about me learning to cycle, and falling in love with it. Hahahno. I learned how to ride a bike yonks ago (when I was a mere toddler) and associate cycling with one of my fondest childhood memories of cycling furiously towards the direction of a rainbow, in hopes that I could find the end of it – and perhaps even that pot of gold everyone keeps talking about.

This series is about road cycling and as I eventually found out, is a completely different form and way of cycling than what I’m used to. I would love to get technical, but lets be honest… I actually can’t aha because Hadzray has been guiding me through everything and despite him having explained everything to me I haven’t actually been listening, much less taking notes.

Sorry bubs, I love you though!

I bought my (road) bicycle nearly two years ago, and since then, I’ve only ever went for a ride in Putrajaya, Shah Alam and the Sepang International Circuit – not taking into account the hours I’ve clocked in on riding it indoors on a bicycle trainer.

The first time I rode it was in Putrajaya, on the 27th of June 2015. Hadzray had suggested that I started off there since I needed to first get accustomed to the feel of a road bicycle. I also needed to be taught how to properly use clipless pedals (essentially, with road cycling, you need to be wearing a specific set of shoes that could clip in directly to your pedals – ensuring no flip flopping nonsense as you ride).

Naturally… that night was also the first time I would ever fall off my bike – much to Hadzray’s annoyance. It isn’t my first time cycling, mind you, but having your feet stuck to your pedals require some getting used to. I fell because I had completely forgotten that my lower limbs were attached to my bicycle when I braked to a halt.

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October 26, 2016

I haven’t been out and about in ages.


And its got a lot (if not entirely) to do with my husband’s condition at the moment – which I will talk about soon enough on a separate post. But long story short, most of my time now is spent at home taking care of him since being out either by myself, or with him would both be an inconvenience.

But last Monday night, I felt comfortable enough to leave my husband at home and he was wonderful enough to have encouraged me to go. So I joined some friends for a game of futsal!

And as usual… everyone was late, including myself… except for (of course) Eja who is notorious for being obnoxiously early to everything *rolls eyes*. But in my case, it was unintentional – I promise! Trust me, I was not happy to have taken nearly an hour to get to Kota Damansara from SHAH ALAM.

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October 26, 2016

So, as of today, I have since been married for 2 months and can’t-be-bothered-to-count days. Since this blog has been dead for a while, I thought it would be good to breathe life into it once again… and what better way to do it than to write about my wedding; the months leading up to it, the days itself and et cetera et cetera. Other than for obvious reasons (to have posts that I can look back on years from now), I also thought it’d be wise to write about one of the most important days of my life while I still remember (most of) it.

The post below is something I actually wrote back in June/July but never actually posted for some reason, so here you go; Wedding Series E01.

**written between the 30th of June and 1st of July 2016*

“Are you ready to get married?” / “How’s the wedding preparations going?” / “Are you excited for the wedding?” / “Where will you two be going for your honeymoon?” / “Where will you guys live?”

These are some of the more common questions I’ve received as of late, and frankly, questions I can’t help but be a little hesitant to answer. Not because I don’t know the answer nor is it because I get asked so often I’m tired of having to answer at all (okay I’d be lying through my teeth if I told you it isn’t at all tiring). But its because I’ve come to realise that the bulk of the questions I’m asked is regarding the wedding itself, and not so much – or at all – about the marriage that comes after the wedding AKA the part I’m actually genuinely excited about.

Its easy to be confused. It is common for a girl to have dreamt of how she wants her wedding day to be and look like and what shade of white her dress will be in and what kind of flowers will make up the bouquet she’ll throw for a group of single girls to fight over – but it is less so, to hear of a girl who has never so much imagined ever getting married, much less imagine what her wedding would be like.

Its not that I’ve spent my entire life believing I’ll be alone forever and (happily) resort to being a cat lady – but while yes, I have always known that at some part in my life I would eventually get hitched, it was never something that I spent too much time – if at all – thinking about.

But regardless, to answer some of the questions; Alhamdulillah the wedding preparations are going well, and I have none but only the worse task to do still and that is coming up with the guestlist, and personally inviting everyone. *internal screaming* Oh, and there is also the task of faking a meltdown, “worrying” about whether or not my wedding dresses will be done in time… this is something I feel almost compelled to conform to, but in reality I am exceptionally calm and confident that the people I have left in charge of completing my dress will do so in due time. So its safe to say that you will find no bridezilla here. But feel free to check in again in a couple weeks, because this might just be the calm before the storm thing that everyone keeps talking about.

Am I excited for the wedding? Yes, and no. Yes for obvious reasons; I get to marry my best friend and spend the rest of my days infuriating him. Also the man is basically my rock (AKA support system) and makes up about 50% of my impulse control – which I appreciate, because I need to someone to stop me from buying random shit. No, for the reason that I have always despised being the center of attention and I don’t see how I can take attention off of me on the day seeing that I am the bride in celebration… other than if I were to silently retreat and hide under the buffet table. I am also the least charismatic and graceful person I know so just the thought of having to maintain composure and act like a proper lady throughout the entire occasion is sending me (and my intestines) into a wild spiral.

But a heads up; high chances are that you will see me embarrass not only myself, but my husband-to-be and also my entire family. Just saying.