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My name is Nurul Nadhrah binti Zainal, and I am a Part I architecture graduate from the MSA (Manchester School of Architecture). I was based in Manchester, UK when this blog was launched but am now based in Shah Alam, Malaysia. This particular domain was established in 2014, however I am no stranger to the blogging world – I started blogging back in the year 2000, starting with Xanga, moving on to Blogger, and now… here I am.

I created this domain to serve as a public journal, where I document my daily life alongside building up my portfolio – gathering work from my studies in architecture, creative projects I undertake on my own free time, as well as what I gather from real life work experiences.

In addition to the personal / “self-made” content, I also hope to create content relative to my myriad of interests which includes journalism, fashion, beauty, tech, travel and design in general.

Hopefully this domain serves me, and its readers well.

Lots of love,


Nurul Nadhrah binti Zainal

Last Updated: 0135 Hours, GMT+ on the 14th of January 2016.

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