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First Day in London

September 29, 2017

Today marks (almost) two weeks of me being in London.

I thought classes would have started by now seeing how the university had insisted that we enrolled before the end of last week, but I just found out that I will only officially regain status as a student in the month of October. Why on earth did I fly in this early for then?!

But I figured that its not all bad since I’m pretty much settled in now, so when classes start I should have little to no trouble falling into a routine. I’ve stocked up on any supplies I may need in the first couple weeks (sketchbooks, modelling material, glue, etc.) and non-perishable food items that I know will come in handy on the inevitable days where I would be so drowned in work, even walking a 100 metres to the nearest Select & Save would seem like a giant conquest.

Its also a good thing that I have another couple days because my Windows laptop have decided to throw a spitting tantrum, and I need it to be in working condition in time for class because God knows my 8-year-old Macbook will not live through AutoCad, Photoshop, Sketchup running (simultaneously) most of the time. Its burning up my thighs as it is right now, and I only have Chrome open. Note: Get yourself that portable laptop desk with a fan to use in bed.

So what have I been up to the past week?

Well, after landing in Heathrow, going through the painful queue at immigration and picking up my luggage from the belt… I find out that it was still too early to be heading to what would be my home for the next year, so I sat in Caffe Nero for over an hour – sipping on flat white, and eating a yogurt bowl for breakfast. At this point I also found time to write a little on my notebook, mostly of course, scribbles about how much I already miss Hadzray and how I will never fly with British Airways again. In short, they suck.

Having coffee with my husband… I wish 🙁

I completely forgot about the rush hour in London, and just know that one should never forget because when you do, you end up in a cab for almost two hours – and that isn’t even the worse part! Forget running out of things to talk to the cabbie to, your bum going numb, and your coffee kickstarting a splitting motion-induced headache… the worse part is looking up at the cab meter and finding out your trip will cost you a HUNDRED BRITISH POUNDS.

Safe to say from now on, I shall not be taking a cab from Heathrow to the Greenwich Peninsula. I will drag my luggage up and down tube stations if it means I wouldn’t have to pay a ghastly 500 ringgit for a bloody cab. Thank God for credit cards though, because at least I didn’t have to physically hand over 100 pounds in cash and risk a heart attack.

As soon as I got the keys to my room I had to immediately go out again… well that was the plan anyways. But in reality I spent another 2-3 hours just Facetiming Hadzray and Google-ing the nearest place for me to get everything I needed and listing out every possible item so a second trip wouldn’t be necessary. I also had everything I needed already put in my virtual shopping basket on Amazon, so in case I can’t find what I need in stores, I could very easily click 1 day delivery and have it arrive the next day.

Fortunately, living on the more suburban part of London means you’re probably only a couple minutes walk away from a shopping park… and even better, ASDA. If you don’t know what ASDA is, its a British supermarket retailer and their branches are often very big (think the likes of Giant and Tesco Hypermarkets we have in Malaysia) and sells almost everything one might need, from bedding to pots and pans to 2-for-1 thai chilli salmon for those who is not nearly patient enough to let something marinade aka me.

I regret not snapping a photo of this, but in hindsight I become the worst kalut version of myself if I am rushed or I am feel like I am so I was no where near composed enough to stop and take a photo. I immediately became very flustered when a family started queueing behind my checkout lane in Asda. Why must you queue here? Don’t you see that I have a million and ten things here? There ARE other faster moving lanes?! I am going to take ages, you know this right? Its not worth your time! 

Might I add that I came to Asda with my luggage? And not the little ones you stow in your overhead compartment, but the actual luggage that can carry 30kg worth of items. Pushing a giant luggage around a cart in a supermarket doesn’t faze me, regardless of the stares I got, but trying to fit all of what I bought into it, whilst having the cashier motion for me to swipe my card, and then have her immediately scan in items from the family behind me while my stuff was still at the end of the till? Well good God I am getting heart palpitations just thinking about it!

And to think that I thought that was the end of my kalut-ness! My cabbie then dropped me farther away from my apartment building’s entrance, resulting in me having to drag a luggage, a bag of pillow and comforter, and a bucket through multiple secured doorways… and have about three people simply watching me going through this struggle. If I wasn’t too embarrassed, I would feel inclined to ask why none of them is offering me the simple gesture of holding the door open.

I got to my room eventually, and spent the rest of the day indoors setting up and then proceeded with making myself some food – because at this point in time I was already STARVING.

My breakfast, lunch and dinner in one.

Food, Skype and let agreements.

After dinner, and immediately after I watch my husband go to bed through a computer screen, a wave of lethargy struck me. The only problem was that it was only 4pm and the sun was still shining from outside my window. So if I were to fall asleep now, it would mean I would be wide awake at the most ungodly hour.

So I fought against my drifting state of consciousness. Do. NOT. Sleep. DO NOT SLEEP. DO. NOT. SLEEP. You’ll screw up your biological clock gaddamnit . DON’T YOU DO IT! OPEN THOSE EYES! HOLD THEM OPEN IF YOU NEED TO! Ohhhh hooo nononono why are you crawling into bed?! Don’t pull the covers! I said don’t! STAY AW-

*passes out*

I slept for the next 12 hours. #noregrets

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