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October 26, 2016

I haven’t been out and about in ages.


And its got a lot (if not entirely) to do with my husband’s condition at the moment – which I will talk about soon enough on a separate post. But long story short, most of my time now is spent at home taking care of him since being out either by myself, or with him would both be an inconvenience.

But last Monday night, I felt comfortable enough to leave my husband at home and he was wonderful enough to have encouraged me to go. So I joined some friends for a game of futsal!

And as usual… everyone was late, including myself… except for (of course) Eja who is notorious for being obnoxiously early to everything *rolls eyes*. But in my case, it was unintentional – I promise! Trust me, I was not happy to have taken nearly an hour to get to Kota Damansara from SHAH ALAM.

We started the game at 15 minutes later than planned but still managed to get the court for the hour we booked it for regardless, and because some people didn’t show up at all *side eye* we only had one substitute and I ended up playing the entire hour without any rest (if we don’t count the one minute I was out to fix my headscarf). This is surprising because I am incredibly unfit and absolutely loathe running, so I would have never been able to go on for that long so YAY ME!

Even more surprising? I managed to kick 4 balls past the keeper thus meaning I scored a total of four goals for my team!

I’m laughing my face off as I am typing because it is just that ridiculous! I know the boy who acted as keeper must have made it easy for us girls, but still! *brushes shoulders*



But of course when I got home, my husband’s reaction to me telling him I scored four times was “TIPU. AWAK TIPU.” *shakes head* I married a real supportive one didn’t I?

In all seriousness though, I do feel as if my stamina has gone up since I’ve started being very consistent with my workouts again. And that itself is enough motivation to continue being active and focus on fitness on a daily basis.

Looking forward to the next time we play!

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