June 10, 2016

There is actually a lot I want to write about, but the things I want to share the most is unfortunately also the things I can’t… not just yet. Truthfully, I hope I had never stopped blogging for as long as I did years ago. And I say that because its a lot harder to get back into than I imagined.

I know it could be blamed on lack of effort, or just laziness. But while I don’t disagree, the real reason why I haven’t been posting much is because as I grow older, writing about anything and everything that comes to mind (even the most trivial of things) feels rather unnecessary and not to mention risky. I am no longer at that point in my life where I can openly express myself and not expect any consequences.

Being 25 years old, and fresh out of university… I am more vulnerable now than ever. While it is my space and I can do as I please, I do still want to portray myself as a functional human being in the case that anyone ever visits for background checks. I know that last sentence seems to betray my efforts, but hey, we’re all people and thus we are not without flaws.

If I’m being frank, another reason why I’ve not been updating is because I feel like my conventional way of blogging is getting a little blehhhh. I have drafted a number of posts that never went on to being published simply because I am dissatisfied with its quality. The reason why I started blogging isn’t to gain a readership (although that isn’t a bad thing) but for myself, but I strongly feel that despite me potentially being the only person who visits this blog… content is key.

I would want to look back at this blog years from now and feel good that I’ve put some sort of thought into the posts, and not simply slapping on a couple photos accompanied by a string of letters and call it a day. So currently, I’m trying on the hat of a creative director, and attempt to figure out how best to proceed with presenting my content.

But until then… this is all there is to it!

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