A Saturday Afternoon.

June 3, 2017

Its a balmy Saturday afternoon, and I’m currently at home (in Bukit Antarabangsa) playing catch-up with some work. Normally I would avoid doing work over the weekend, but I have a meeting this coming Tuesday to prepare for and 8 months into this job now… I know that its better that I get things done a couple days before any meeting – because my boss(es) would almost always have something they want to change a day before.

But I don’t mind it as much, since being that its the month of Ramadhan, everything sort of slows down a bit; including my ever restless husband, who would usually insist that spend our time outside of the house over the weekend.

My husband is asleep now, less than five feet away from me, on the couch of our humble living room. He’s wearing briefs covered with graphic of fried eggs as pattern. And glancing over at him now; I’m overcome with a feeling of guilt, contentedness and also frankly, a bit of sadness.

Guilt, because I’ve just broken his blinkers the night before (and it isn’t the first thing of his I’ve manage to break). Contentedness because I still find it difficult to believe that I’ve got a husband, and an amazing one at that. Lastly, sad, because… well, thats a story for another day.

I’m writing now because frankly, I miss it. Writing. Back in school, I’ve never minded writing essays – be it for homework or for examinations. Because I loved writing, and as long as I kept putting pen to paper – I was happy. But years went on, and I wrote a lot less. Nowadays, I almost never do. So this post is for me.

What I’ve written here so far bears no importance whatsoever, but seeing words forming sentences forming paragraphs on this little white text box makes me feel…light. You don’t need to understand, because none of this is for you.

In less than 30 minutes I’ll need to wake my husband up because Ramadhan or not… I’ve insisted that we go somewhere because I know my husband too well to know that he’ll regret having stayed at home doing basically nothing all day.

So now, its time for me to get back to work.

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Falling in Love with Road Cycling (Part I)

March 18, 2017

This is a little series about how I came to love road cycling. I thought I’d separate it into parts, just so I wouldn’t have to cram two years worth of cycling experiences and pictures in a single post.

I somehow feel the need to clarify that this isn’t about me learning to cycle, and falling in love with it. Hahahno. I learned how to ride a bike yonks ago (when I was a mere toddler) and associate cycling with one of my fondest childhood memories of cycling furiously towards the direction of a rainbow, in hopes that I could find the end of it – and perhaps even that pot of gold everyone keeps talking about.

This series is about road cycling and as I eventually found out, is a completely different form and way of cycling than what I’m used to. I would love to get technical, but lets be honest… I actually can’t aha because Hadzray has been guiding me through everything and despite him having explained everything to me I haven’t actually been listening, much less taking notes.

Sorry bubs, I love you though!

I bought my (road) bicycle nearly two years ago, and since then, I’ve only ever went for a ride in Putrajaya, Shah Alam and the Sepang International Circuit – not taking into account the hours I’ve clocked in on riding it indoors on a bicycle trainer.

The first time I rode it was in Putrajaya, on the 27th of June 2015. Hadzray had suggested that I started off there since I needed to first get accustomed to the feel of a road bicycle. I also needed to be taught how to properly use clipless pedals (essentially, with road cycling, you need to be wearing a specific set of shoes that could clip in directly to your pedals – ensuring no flip flopping nonsense as you ride).

Naturally… that night was also the first time I would ever fall off my bike – much to Hadzray’s annoyance. It isn’t my first time cycling, mind you, but having your feet stuck to your pedals require some getting used to. I fell because I had completely forgotten that my lower limbs were attached to my bicycle when I braked to a halt.

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October 26, 2016

I haven’t been out and about in ages.


And its got a lot (if not entirely) to do with my husband’s condition at the moment – which I will talk about soon enough on a separate post. But long story short, most of my time now is spent at home taking care of him since being out either by myself, or with him would both be an inconvenience.

But last Monday night, I felt comfortable enough to leave my husband at home and he was wonderful enough to have encouraged me to go. So I joined some friends for a game of futsal!

And as usual… everyone was late, including myself… except for (of course) Eja who is notorious for being obnoxiously early to everything *rolls eyes*. But in my case, it was unintentional – I promise! Trust me, I was not happy to have taken nearly an hour to get to Kota Damansara from SHAH ALAM.

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